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Not only does TEDxFolkestone advocate of the spreading of ideas and entrepreneurial spirit but is also unique among TEDx events. From humble beginnings, TEDxFolkestone pins its values on the quality of talks, the support it gives its speakers and its unique take on running the yearly events.

The brief: To create a visual identity, print collateral and digital assets including website that have impact while retaining the TEDx brand.

The event has grown since it’s inception 3 years ago selling out the Quarter House venue almost immediately. To reflect the talent of the event, TEDxFolkestone needed a cohesive brand identity, strategy, and event design. TEDxFolkestone chose Flourish to serve as its creative and strategic partner for its events - and we're now planning for 2020.

The solution: Working with local illustrators for each event, we created a fun identity that's a reflection of the town's personality but also abiding by TED brand guidelines.

TEDx belongs to the TED family and as such utilises the classic TED red. Flourish added blue to the brand’s colour palette as a representation of the coastal town and its proximity to the sea. We also focused on what differentiated TEDx from TED. Of course, it’s the 'x'. Flourish chose this symbol as one of the key elements, serving as an anchor for each creative application.


Client quote:

The quality of work and volume of contribution that the team at Flourish have provided been to TEDxFolkestone over the past 3 years has been phenomenal.

Liu Batchelor

Tedx curator

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