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Harrisons Group are one of the largest corporate electrical contractors in the country, working on all types of electrical projects, from multi-million-pound residential towers, large-scale domestic sites, to commercial and industrial projects.

The brief: Harrisons partnered with Flourish to rebrand the whole Harrisons group.

The brand was to appeal to corporate clients who are used to dealing with multi-million-pound projects. The brief was for a modern identity with consistency across all three companies in the group.

The solution: The branding project started with a workshop to understand Harrison’s company goals, audience and competition.

With echoes of electrical connections, we created a bespoke pattern and shaped the logo to be representative of a plug. We also choose an electric blue colour palette. To maintain consistency across the brands, breaks can also be seen in the lettering for HES, HSS, and HMS.

Client quote:

A modern identity for a company with big plans.

Paul Harrison


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