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Helping people living with dementia.

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Living Words is an arts and literature organisation, created in 2007 by Susanna Howard. The charity was created to help people experiencing isolation or living with advanced dementia. The main part of their work takes place in care homes during residencies. Trained writers and artists work co-creatively with the most isolated residents focusing on sound and word meaning, using their listen-out-loud methodology. This enables participants’ ‘in-the-moment’ experience to be heard by others. At the end of each project, participants each have their own book of Living Words that express how they feel about life. 

“The organisation has been running for 10 years, helping to give happiness to people with dementia, their carers, and their families through its creative approach to honoring the words that people with dementia say. These words are turned into performances, books, and recitals which give sufferers dignity and respect.” The Independent’s Happy List 2019, Ben Gilbert/Wellcome

We aim to share the inside world of people whose voices are not usually heard so that together we can all learn to see each other person, not labels or diagnoses that might be put on us. We aim to challenge perceptions of dementia, increase understanding and awareness and promote integration. In our works, the words of people living with dementia often take center stage. We are also committed to enable and platform our artists to reflect on their own experiences and practices and create work from and about this. We are interested in how other artists and organisations express and represent our work, to further the dissemination of both good practices and enable the voices of individuals to be heard by more people.

The work of Living Words in care settings and the community is the inspiration for our wider programme of publications, performance, literature events and festivals. 

BBC Radio 3, Wellcome, Royal Academy of Music, The British Library amongst others.

Client: Living Words

The Brief

Living Words had been running for 10 years when they came to us. They needed a brand that reflected the charity they had grown to be over the years. They had been working on some impressive projects, but not sharing their success with the wider world.

The Solution

We ran a discovery session with founder, Susana, which helped us created a beautiful handwritten logo and visual identity for the charity, which was then applied to a simple website and collateral.

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