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Faster Lead Generation and Automated Marketing Funnels from Flourish

More Leads, More Sales, More Subscribers - FASTER!

Do you spend a lot of time writing content or emails about the amazing benefits of your product or service, but generate no interest?

The problem is that if potential customers aren’t ready to buy your product yet, all that effort will be wasted and you could be losing out on potential future sales.

The solution is a start-to-finish marketing funnel for connecting and nurturing new leads and up-selling to existing customers. Thankfully there’s a tool that can help you do exactly that. It’s called the Flourish Funnel.

1. Awareness
Goal: Show the value of your product or service and provide educational content to build a relationship with your customer.

2. Consideration
Goal: To build a deep relationship with your customer, introduce them to your product/service and nurture them with contextual or targeted content.

3. Conversion
Goal: To convince your customer to purchase.

4. Loyalty
Goal: To retain your customers and instill loyalty by delighting subscribers with helpful content and awesome service.

5. Advocacy
Goal: To turn your customers into fans who talk about your company and refer you to their friends.

Ready to start getting higher conversion rates FASTER?
Get in touch to start the conversation on creating compelling content funnels that drive customer leads and sales. For more information from Team Flourish, go to Flourish Funnels, contact us on 01303 764252 or email [email protected]

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