Discovery sessions from Flourish Studio give business owners clarity about why their business exists so they can then communicate this more clearly and effectively through their branding, marketing and website. We help define clear goals and design a focused strategy to achieve those goals and accelerate business growth.

A typical session will include:

The Why

"Why" you are doing what you're doing?

The What

What do you bring to market? What are the products or services you offer that help achieve your "Why."

The Who

"Who" this is for? Who are the groups of people who will benefit most from your "What"

SMART goals

Define your goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound.

Your User Journey

Finally, in the last part of the session, we talk you through the visitor journey, the various touch-points your customer might encounter your brand and how this can eventually convert to a lead or sale.

The End Result

At the end of the session, you will have a clear picture of the current status of your business, a clear roadmap of how to overcome obstacles and the goals to drive your business forward.

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