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Design trends to look out for in 2018

From bold colour to geometric type, a run down of design trends for this coming year

2017 was a year of experimental chaos and if anything 2018 is only going to grow on the trends of the previous year. Big (little) ideas, bolder colours and brand simplification are just some of the trends that will carry through to what seems to be an exciting time in the design world.

1. Even Bolder Colours
2017 saw an explosion of bright bold colours in an effort to brighten what was pretty dull the year before, and 2018 is set for more of the same. We're big fans here of 'Bright and Bold' backed up with a rationale of simplicity and clarity.

2. Brutalist Web Design
Imagine the Sex Pistols Album cover 'Never Mind The Boll***ks...', now you're thinking brutalist graphic design. A great example of this can be viewed at So simple, yet beautifully functional.

3. Simplification
Brands are striving to simplify and streamline their core assets, and starting with the name is a great start. Naming is becoming a ‘How can we cram as much meaning into as few letters as possible?' but give the online and social media world we live in, simple is best.

4. Hand-drawn with photography
Hand-drawn images have become more prevalent in 2017 and are set to continue through 2018. Hand drawn elements used alongside photography gives a personal touch to the brand identity and this is something we're keen to explore in 2018.

5. Geometric type
With the rise of Google Fonts giving designers the ability to easily incorporate digital fonts into website pages, we're going to see a more varied array of fonts being used across digital channels.

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