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10 Quick Tips About Landing Pages

Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rates with these 10 tips

Good landing pages have:

  • A clear headline describing your product, service, offer or activity
  • A clear description of key benefits to the customer
  • A hero image or video related to the ad or ads that drive the traffic
  • The call to action must be clear – usually a form to collect contact information, but it could also be a link to a purchase or reservation.

Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rate3 with these 10 tips

1. Ensure you make it clear what you want the user to do by making your call-to-action clear and concise.

2. Keep your content to the point, remember less is more when it comes to your landing pages.

3. Users love testimonials so showcase what others are saying about your service or product.

4. Eliminate on-screen distractions by removing the navigation bar from your landing pages.

5. Guide your audience's eye with design formatting. Make sure your information is correctly laid-out and intuitive.

6. Write your landing page copy in the second person

7. If they love your offer let them share it by adding social share buttons to your landing page. They most likely know that some of their followers will find the info useful.

9. Write compelling headlines that are related to the content and offer you're selling.

10. Engage your visitors once they have converted into leads by sending them to a thank you page and an auto-response email.

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